Frequently Asked Questions

PayGrade offers a FREE version, with unlimited students and access to essential PayGrade features. However, customization is limited. As of June 1, 2020 PayGrade PLUS is $20 per student /per year and will come with full customization of the program as well as advanced features such as our investment simulator, quiz module, student reports, taxes, 401k and much more. If you have multiple teachers interested in PayGrade PLUS, reach out to us for a quote for a school-wide license..

Teacher: If you are logged in, go to My Account > Teacher Profile. You can change or reset your username and password there. If you are logged out, go to the login page and click on Account Recovery. A link with your username/password will be sent to your email.

Student: You need to ask your teacher if you forgot your username or password. They have the ability to reset both.

After you login, you will immediately see Training and Quick Start Links.

Currently, PayGrade follows a strict U.S. Privacy Policy for students; however, we have not explored requirements and regulations outside of the U.S. Please talk with your administration and Tech teacher at your school to review our privacy policy to determine if PayGrade.io works for you.

To delete a student transaction, navigate to your student table and click the the far right column named "Trans." Next, click on "reverse" or "clear and delete." Tip: The Banker job has the ability to reverse or delete transactions as well.

To change the bill frequency, click on Economy > Bills. Next, click on the bill you would like to change (edit = pencil image). From here you can edit the bill type and automatic posting frequency.
To report an issue with PayGrade.io, please go to www.paygrade.io and click on the tab Contact Us.
Our Co-Founder, Janessa, spent many years as an Elementary and Middle School teacher in Title 1 schools. We know firsthand teachers pay out of pocket for too many resources, and schools often have limited budgets.

Here are three paths to funding PLUS: