About PayGrade

PayGrade is an online virtual bank and investment simulation used by thousands of schools around the world to teach students all about money.

On PayGrade, students experience real world money situations and navigate the ins and outs of everything related to personal finance like saving, budgeting, paying bills, earning income, investing and more.

We live in a complicated financial system that is full of financial opportunity as well as financial traps, scams, and daily temptations to spend money. At PayGrade, we don’t just teach the basic money management skills in a day, we create an immersive experience for students to dive deep into their own money habits and grow into responsible, educated consumers.

In Elementary and Middle Schools, teachers use our platform to create Classroom Economies, where students are assigned jobs to help run the classroom and they are paid for their work. Additionally, teachers assign bills, hand out citations for off task behavior, reward students for going above and beyond, and allow students to experience basic money situations like buying vs renting their desks.

In High School and beyond, teachers use our platform to introduce their students to real world job applications, writing resumes, managing credit, and investing in various financial instruments. PayGrade allows students to virtually trade over 3,300 stocks, 500 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, as well as foreign currencies – all with real time market data.

All PayGrade features have standards-based lesson plans so students EXPERIENCE real world financial situations in a safe space, a teacher's classroom.

Automated Payroll
Customize all of your classroom settings (jobs, bills, assets, student action items, etc) to fit your students needs.
Savings Account
Credit Card Account
Automated Bills
QR Code Money
Buying & Selling Assets
Digital Checkbooks and Wire Transfers

Reinforcing Positive Behavior

Teachers can incentivize students to display positive behaviors in the classroom through bonuses and discourage negative behaviors through fines.

Develop Well-Rounded Money Traits

Students learn to manage their own virtual world of finance and begin developing a money personality. Do I have money FOMO? Do I budget and save? Do I have a balance of money traits?

Learn Real-World

The skills learned in PayGrade will help students make thoughtful financial decisions and prepare them to enter the real world. Students learn how to pay bills on time, invest and diversify, and be cautious of financial traps and scams.

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Seamless Alignment with the PBIS Framework & PayGrade

The goal of PBIS is to create a learning environment where students are engaged and successful.

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